Holy Order of the Noble GriffinEdit

Region – Midderus

Home City – High Hyll, The Merchant’s Citadel

God - Hratli

People of Note:

1.      Holy Lord-Commander = Imrodreta “Gold Cloak” von High Hyll

2.      Arch-Bishop = The Holy Ald’hone Teph

3.      Holy Paladin Lords =

·         Lady Erlye Anysa

·         Lord Estight “The Rich” Sexeny

·         Lord Kelos Draon

4.      Bishops =

·         Bishop Dodola

·         Bishop Oiay

Crest – A griffon with a rider holding a lance flying over a grassy plane

Notes – The Holy Order of the Noble Griffin is the most recent Paladin Order to be formed in Elandaria. The order was formed 122 years ago to keep the merchant’s in check. During the period of the Order’s formation, the merchants in Midderus had bankrupted the Royal Treasury and the King at the time, King Heryu, sent a force of his best soldiers and commander to High Hyll, the Merchant’s Citadel in order to “reacquire” his lost wealth. However, the merchant’s convinced the soldiers and the commander to instead work for them, paying the ironically with the gold from the Royal Treasury.

King Heryu became furious when he heard of this and he sieged High Hyll. The soldiers and the commander joined with a large force of mercenaries hired by the merchants and defeated the King’s army. This civil war became known as the “Fool’s War”. King Heryu was disgraced and committed suicide 3 years later. The next king, King Solomon, the brother of Heryu, worked out a diplomatic solution with the merchants.

Hratli took notice of the soldier’s valor and honour and blessed them with the powers of the Paladin. To this day, The Order of the Noble Griffin makes sure to uphold the freedom of trade in Midderus.

Leaders and veteran Paladins of the Holy Order of the Noble Griffin are known to be very intelligent and tenacious.