Holy Order of the Stalwart WallEdit

Region – Midderus

Home City – Harrowhall, Watcher of the Wall

God – Hratli

People of Note:

1.      Holy Lord-Commander = Kreechus “Northern Eye” von Harrowhall

2.      Arch-Bishop = The Holy Schel Ardih

3.      Holy Paladin Lords =

·         Lady Iris Kartop

·         Lady Ril’tai “The Shield” Hatwar

·         Lord Rynrad Nys’oldo

4.      Bishops =

·         Bishop Etkina

·         Bishop Lerom

Crest – A stone wall with a man facing the north armoured in full plate

Notes – The Holy Order of the Stalwart Wall was formed during the Great Wars of the North during the formation of the modern Midderus kingdom. The Kingdom of Everwinter waged war with the Kingdom of Midderus, but the armies of Everwinter could not push past the great Vodrofell Reaches, Midderus’s natural northern border defences. The Midderusian King of the time, King Marqus VII, ordered the construction of 13 citadels along the Vodrofell Reaches, which too this day have never fallen to northern aggression.

King Marqus VII assigned his brother, Prince Kael, to form an elite force of troops with the sole intention of helping to fight off northern incursions as well as being in charge of the northern defences. These forces became an elite fighting force feared by the Everwinter forces, which led to the God Hratli taking notice in their valor and honour. Hratli eventually blessed Prince Kael and his greatest fighters with his Holy Power, ultimately bringing into creation a Holy Paladin Order.

Leaders and veteran Paladins of the Holy Order of the Stalwart Wall are known to be more resilient than normal beings when in combat.