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A Holy Paladin


The Paladin orders of Elandaria are noble houses that are spread throughout Elandaria. In total, there are 5 Holy Paladin Orders throughout Elandaria, 1 in Rassai, 3 in Midderus and 1 in Esdeir. There are also Paladins that roam Elandaria, on different types of quests and missions that have no allegiance to any Holy Paladin Order. These Paladins are known as “Grey Ones”. Hratli sometimes deems individuals to be worthy of the Paladins powers and this results in those known as the “Grey Ones”. This option is for players who don’t want to be tied down to an Order, but they are able to join an Order in special circumstances.

Paladins are holy warriors who have dedicated themselves to upholding the values of their God and the creeds of their Holy Order. Paladin recruits are generally nobles of esteem, proven soldiers or knights. Knights are the most common people to become Paladins. Once a recruit becomes a full-fledged Paladin, they are granted special powers by their God and become Holy Warriors, or, Paladins. Paladin orders follow the teachings of Hratli.

Paladins are not always necessarily good in nature. They are only vassals of their God, and despite their powers, they are still human and are thus subject to human emotions and actions. When you play a Paladin, you are not expected to be Mr Goody Good. However, Paladins will lose their powers if they commit continued great evil deeds such as unwarranted murder. Paladins can commit acts of great evil if it is for the greater good. It is up to the player and the DM to decide where this line is drawn.

Paladin Orders are generally neutral with varying orientations, but they do have strong ties, both historical and recent with particular powers within Elandaria.

Paladin Orders are generally used as elite forces in times of war. Outside of periods of war, Paladins generally complete quests and fulfil the creeds of their Orders. Paladin Orders are structured very strictly and have a clear hierarchy.

  1. Holy Lord-Commander
  2. Arch-Bishop
  3. Holy Paladin Lords
  4. Bishops
  5. Paladins
  6.  Recruits
  7. Servants

The 5 Holy Paladin Orders of ElandariaEdit

Holy Order of the Crimson Dragon

Holy Order of the Stalwart Wall

Holy Order of the Noble Griffin

Holy Order of the Velvet Cloak

Holy Order of the Steel Bark